Porsche 944 Turbo S Register

944 Silver RosePorsche 944 Turbo S Register

This website has been set up for owners of the Limited Edition Porsche 944 Turbo S cars that were built in 1988.

Our hope is to grow the website and Register of all the cars we can that are still in existence to see how many are actually still on the road or stored away. With owners giving their information (see Registration Form) we will over time grow the list of these Special 944 Turbo cars.

The Porsche 944 Turbo S represents what most authorities consider to be the highest performance version of the highly successful 944 product range. This car was introduced in 1988 as a limited production run, fitted in the same manner as the "Turbo Cup" race car. 

Initially there were 1000 Turbo S cars built with 750 for the USA market and the remainder for the Rest of World markets. It is thought that 77 cars were sold in the UK. All these cars had the same Silver with a hint of Pink paintwork (affectionately called “Silberrosa” or Silver Rose) and the Burgundy Studio Check cloth interior. All these vehicles had the Option Code of M758.

Following the initial run of Silver Rose cars customers were offered the choice of interior and exterior colours for their Turbo S. These 944 Turbo S cars maintained all of the performance characteristics of the earlier car and the M758 Option code was continued onto the 635 cars that were subsequently sold.

What is certain is that all the 944 Turbo S cars will have a VIN/Chassis Number that will be in the following ranges

Porsche also built 1830 engines in 1988 for the Turbo S cars and they all had 250bhp. The number range for the engines is as follows :-


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