Locate Your Vehicle’s Data

Locate Your Vehicle’s Data

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Engine / VIN Number

Engine Number: The engine number is the best way to confirm that the car is a 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S car rather than a non-S car. This number is found on the engine block itself, and (fortunately) is easily visible from above.  It is located on the left side of the engine as you look from the front, close to the fire wall, about 10 inches down from the rocker cover.

VIN Number: The VIN Number is stamped into the bulkhead on the left side of the engine bay and should be visible easily looking in from the side.


Option Codes

The factory fitted options that were included in the car are listed (typically) in two locations.  The first place is on the first page of the "Warranty and Maintenance" book that comes as part of the vehicle documents when purchased.  The second place is located in the spare tyre well, up against the back wall of the luggage compartment.  The information is found on a white sticker, approximately 3" x 3".  Occasionally, due to various reasons, the tyre well sticker is not always there or is hard to view.

The option codes are usually in the form of 3 letter/number combinations.