Technicial Information

Technicial Information

944 Options Codes List...Option M030 – Club Sport Package

944 Turbo Technik ...Option M758 – Special Model 944 Turbo 1988



The major focus of the performance features of the 944 Turbo S is the M44/52 engine.  The engine characteristics are summarised below.

ModelDispl. (cc)Stroke (mm)Bore (mm)Compr. RatioSAE Power (@rpm)Torque (@rpm)Max rpmMax boost
944 Turbo 2479 78.9 100 8.0:1 217 HP 243 ft-lb (3500) 6500  
944 Turbo S 2479 78.9 100 8.0:1 247 HP (6000) 258 ft-lb (4000) 6500±20 1.82 bar

Other detailed changes include:


The clutch was modified with a "wide angle torsion damper".  This is a spring-centered design with two stages of springs, providing compliance in the circumferential (torsion) direction.  This enables a more smooth application of the additional power produced by the M44/52 engine.

In order to accommodate the additional power of the M44/52 engine, the transmission was modified. This transmission is identified with the additional stamping of "AOR" after the stamped manufacturing date on the case.  This "AOR" stamp is the only way to identify the Turbo S transmission externally.  Changes include hardening of 1st and 2nd gears, and the transmission oil is externally cooled. Gearing remained the same as the conventional 944 Turbo.

Transmission Gearing 1st Gear2nd Gear3rd Gear4th Gear5th GearReverse GearAxle ratio
3.500 : 1 2.059 : 1 1.400 : 1 1.034 : 1 0.829 : 1 3.500 : 1 3.375 : 1

Limited Slip Differential 
Differential strength was improved by thickening the inner plates by 0.5mm at the expense of the thrust ring thickness.  Additionally, the shafts are molybdenum coated and ground.


Larger, 12" front disc brakes, similar to the 928 S4, were included.  These featured:


The suspension of the Turbo S was modelled on the Turbo Cup race cars via the M030 option package.  It is focused towards a more performance feel than riding comfort.  The suspension arrangement includes front McPherson struts, with rear trailing arms.

Front SuspensionRear Suspension

Adjustable rebound Koni shock absorbers
Harder rubber mounts for strut mount and control arms.
Height-adjustable spring retainers
Stiffer and narrower springs (for clearance).
Modified axels to fit new front brakes
Front stabilizer

Adjustable rebound Koni shock absorbers
Harder rubber mounts for trailing arms
Thicker torsion bar

Set up, the front track width was 58.2", and the rear was 56.8". The curb weight was 2998 lbs, with gross vehicle weight of 3681 lbs.

Wheels & Tyres

The 944 Turbo S was fitted with the Club Sport wheel rims.  These are a flat, forged design with an anodized surface and seven spokes, permitting enhanced brake cooling.  Originally equipped with Goodyear Eagle NO, V rated tyres. 

 Wheel SizesTyre Sizes
Front 7J x 16 (65mm offset) 225/50 VR 16
Rear 9J x 16 (60mm offset) 245/45 VR 16


Aside from the Silver Rose paint scheme, structural and body changes were limited to added reinforcement plates between the side members as well as the wheel housings.  These changes induced modifications to the expansion tank hose, turbo cooling hose, and the ignition coil mount.

944 Silver Rose & Turbo S vs. the Standard 944 Turbo

PerformanceStandard Equipment

Horsepower increased to 250 bhp
Torque increased to 258 ft lb
0-60 mph in 5.5 sec
Top speed: 162 mph
Enhanced suspension
Enhanced braking
Built to Turbo Cup race car specs.


Larger turbocharger (K26-70)
Larger 4-piston brakes (from 928 S4)
Limited slip differential
Anti-lock brakes
16" machined disc wheels (7"  Front, 9"  Rear)
Stiffened torque tube
Stiffened torsion bars
Stiffened anti-sway bars
Adjustable Koni shock absorbers
Burgundy Studio Check  plaid interior (Silver Rose only)

UK Option Codes (Silver Rose)

567 Green Graduated Tinted Windscreen 593 Bosch ABS Braking System 758 Special Model 944 Turbo S 1988 Pack
573 Air Conditioning 685 Rear Split Seats 990 Front Seats – Cloth/Cloth/Leatherette